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In face book and instagram, look-alike audiences can also be based on a previously defined custom audience, a tracking instagram accounts for free pixel, or a fan page. This creates statistical twin target groups, which are identified by similarities to the initial data. It is possible to meet users who are similar to existing customers. The merger of face book and instagram offers advertisers the potential to address additional target groups and reach them in a different context. Instagrams aesthetic and visual environment enables companies to bring potential customers with high quality ads to the product for the first time, and to link the viewers to the mobile product page through a link in their ads.

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With the mobile website visit of the interested person via instagram, visitors are marked by the face book pixel and can be accessed later by the re targeting of advertisements on face book in the news on desktop computers and animated to the purchase of the product. This approach is particularly suitable for stores that have a poor conversion rate for buy instagram account mobile devices against desktop devices. Instagram has a number of topics, with a great deal of content lifestyle, sport, food, travel, beauty. In the case of these topics, the above procedure is recommended, since the user is on instagram mostly in such a mood, in which he can be influenced emotionally by visual stimuli. By linking to face book, the same user can be picked up again later and addressed with a much more strongly focused on sales-oriented ad.

The connection to instagram shows how a meaningful combination can look, so you can be curious how and when the integration of other channels will take place. You have to make social media. You have to optimize your website for search engines. These are two advice, which are in each case quite justified, but also two construction sites, which wrongly considered in terms of duration and effort, could completely undermine the genesis of ber berlin airport. However, one can hit two birds with one stone: on the one hand, the social media channels fuel their own website and thus increase their relevance, on the other hand the content of the site is seo-based for sharing on the social platforms optimized.

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Let's start with onsite seo. It is particularly important to integrate the buy instagram accounts bulk meta tags provided by the individual social networks, the so-called open graph tags, in order, for example, to simplify the sharing of website content on these platforms. For example, you have control over the images used or the title of the article. The user as well as the page operator itself is thereby provided with an optically and content-optimized content snippet content fragment. When we look at the off-site seo measures in the next step, it is easy to see more how social media channels support the seo channel. To this end, tool providers publish yearly studies on the ranking factors on Google by means of which a correlation between many social signals and good rankings on Google ex searchmetrics, moz.

Already when it comes to the complete first page of the search results to support, the social media presences listed their support. This is true, of course, not only for keyword search results, but also for images, videos, news, and all universal search results. These should, however, be up-to-date and relevant. By constantly improved algorithms of the search engines classic link building measures are very quickly apparent and accordingly the search engines are not evaluated or even sanctioned. In search engine optimization, however instagram accounts for free the important key figures are also considered, for example, the power/ trust of each page, as well as the interactions like likes, shares, g+ etc.